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Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's celebrity time

OMG! Let's all take a second to breathe. Take a valium or a puff off of your peace pipe if you need. Everyone just needs to cool out. COOL OUT! I love you all and if this blog and our friendships are going to be destroyed, we either need a Royal Rumble, or, as I am willing to suggest, a battle of who has the coolest celebrity encounters. I'll start. I'll probably lose.

1. Rode with Dr. J from the North Platte High School to Adams Middle School circa 1988 when he spoke. Ok, I was in the way, way back of a suburban and he rode shotgun. No, I did not talk to him.

2. Met former Bears running back Dennis Gentry when he came to McDonald Elementary school in 1990 to visit his nephew Michael Gentry. Sat at the same lunch table as the dude.

3. Recognized by Mark Prior at a Cubs Spring Training game after being a CWS Ambassador a couple years before.

4. The incident I shall one day call, "That time I slept with Scarlett Johannson."

5. Buying actors Dave Foley and Leah Thompson glasses of scotch at a concert in Lincoln while they were filming, "Out of Omaha." I thought I was a red nose.

6. Buying Ryan Adams' steel guitar player a Heineken and having him refuse at a concert in Lincoln.

7. Getting backstage after a Blues Traveler show and getting an autographed harmonica from John Popper.

8. I've been on HuskerVision three, count 'em three times.

9. Big Boi and I had some guys in an Omaha band over for Foreman Burgers one night after a concert.

I hope this puts the focus back on ourselves and our own egos as opposed to hurting others.

I almost forgot. I bagged a Hooters girls that ended up being in the Girls of the Bix XII issue of Playboy. Though I wouldn't say it myself, I have technically slept with a Playboy model.
Man in Black. . .what about the time you were Cold Cocked while rolling in the Polish Rifles Entourage
I forgot that one. That ruled. Allow me to elaborate.

11. The time I was in an NBA posse and got hit with a cheap shot to protect my homeboy.
What about your infamous 2 hour conversation with Eric Crouch about his speed level on the NCAA Football game???

Not mine, but I love the time that Jason Kraus tried to tip over the port-a-john while Darin Erstad was in it.
12. Assuring Eric Crouch that I upped his speed from 89 to 93 in that year's version of NCAA Football. He asked why not a 95. Funny guy. He also tried to run us over while flipping us off as we left the bar.
The time I served Christian Peter 10,000 shots of chilled Jack Daniels. This happened Saturday.

And for the record, I really wasn't pissed. I was just joking around, it's all good! I appreciate the opportunity to tool all you fools.

Just kidding.
I met Jessie Jackson at Ronald Reagan Airport when I was 17, as well.

I also saw Ali Shaheed Muhommad from A Tribe Called Quest outside the Pepsi Center before their concert in Denver. But I didn't meet him. You know why? Because the d-bag I was with wouldn't let me go talk to him, because "just because he's black, doesn't mean he's in A Tribe Called Quest." Ali proceeded to come out and spin a great show--wearing the exact same outfit he was wearing outside. Just to make sure we were well aware that that was, in fact, him.
We didn't have some guys over for burgers, we had one guy and his girl friend. And it was pretty damn boring.
Ok how about eating at Schlotsky's with the Long Beach Dub Allstars. I know Big Boi was there and maybe MIB, I can't recall. This was all highlighted when they basically crashed thier scooters into the door and then left them on their side blocking the entrance.
Drinking Dom P with Stevie Franchise in Club Nico. Technically, since he picked up the entire tab, he bought me a drink. Actually fourteen or so.
I want to say that we were considering stealing the Long Beach Dub All-star's scooters as well.

On a side note I have had a couple run in with the "Riffle" since the MIB Donkey Punch. It all came together at the 2005 CWS when he picked me out of the McFly's crowd and bought me a drink.

Who all was with us in the Fieldhouse in Columbia, Missouri? Anyway Vetter struck up a conversation with Kareem Rush (later did cartwheels in the street) but anyway shooting the shit with Kareem Rush was pretty cool...The highlight for me was when i told him that Cary Cochran was going to light him up like a Christmas tree when he came to play in Lincoln....he thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. On a side note thanks to my inspiration to him to kick the crap out of NU he scored 38 in Lincoln.
Yeah, daisy, it was OC, Big Boi, and myself. Remember that their lead singer was a total dick? Despite the fact that the guy is playing for a Sublime cover band in bars in Lincoln, NE?

We really should've stolen their freaking scooters.
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A few lame "celebrity" encounters:

-I am pretty sure MIB and DKCF were probably in the Nebraskaland Days Parade with none other than former mayor Kay Orr.

-Speaking of Nebraskaland Days. When I worked at Usave I was a part of putting together the backstage "goodies" for Faith Hill. Lots of water and rice cakes.

-On MIB's 21st birthday I had to put myself in between him and Jon Vedral. MIB started rattling off some stats and video game b.s. and Vedral being the type of guy he was didn't find the humor in MIB's antics.

-Since working at the North Face in Chicago I have seen Goldie Hahn, Jerry Springer, and members of the Charolate Bobcats.

Those aren't much but they were the first encounters that popped into my head.
I almost forgot.

I recieved a urinal as a gift from National Geographic photorapher Joel Sartore.

That has to count for something
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