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Friday, November 04, 2005

Open Thread

A new Friday tradition--the open thread! Discuss whatever you want! Comment it up! It will be like a Heavy Soul chat! Wooooooo!

To commemmorate this new tradition, I turned on the word verification on the comments, so the stupid f***ing spammers cannot put their stupid f***ing websites in our comments.

We will not back down from these terrorists!

Anyways, to get the discussion going...what'd everybody do last night, and/or what's everybody up to this weekend? For me--Pete, Hales, and I went to Murphy's Lounge, where one of the most sober full-beer spills of all time took place, and Pete was soaked because of it. It has been determined that the cause of this accident is because Hales is left-handed, and was mocked because of it.

Lastly, Big Boi, best of luck on the big test. And NP Gage, I hope that your ballrocker test went well. Give us an update, if you're not face-down in a pile of your own vomit by now.

Alright, this open thread is going great! Anyways, I was just reading the Sports Guy's NBA preview (Part I), and this imaginary exchange between the Maloof brothers, after hiring Simmons as their GM, just led me to LOLing:

--Joe: "You awake?"
--Gavin: "Barely. It's 12:30, why are you calling so early?"
--Joe: "You know that dude who writes for ESPN.com and cracks on Cuban all the time?"
--Gavin: "The Sports Dude?"
--Joe: "Yeah, something like that ... I think we hired him as our new GM last night."
--Gavin: "Really? [long pause] Wait, what happened last night?"
--Joe: "I don't know, dude ... right now I'm lying in a water bed with Dennis Rodman and the fat chick from 'Boy Meets World.' And I'm covered in broken glass. I'm freaked out."
--Gavin [long pause]: "Wait, who's our new GM again?"
I personally like this idea...
I doubt we hear from Gage as he is in full vegas mode by now. I spoke with him as he was getting on the plane and he could barely contain himself.

I did 2 things last night for which I am sure I will be highly rediculed:
-went to Open gym and ran an illegal practice for the 4th time in 4 nights. You see according to state rules, basketball practice can't officially begin until Nov. 14th, we said screw it and started having "open gym" last monday. Yes it's that time of year where everyone wonders if I am alive because basketball is about to consume 79% of all free time...
-Secondly I got to (lindsey's phrase) go look at rehearsal dinner locations, shoot me. For those of you considering (GA) I am here to forewarn you that "wedding planning" is quite possibly the most miserable experience of a young man's life, don't do it.
OC and I were at Old Chicago one night (with Thumper and my brother I believe) Anyway, OC was sitting across from me and I was talking a little to animatedly with my hands and knocked a full beer over on the table. The whole thing ran across the table and funneled right into OC's lap. He was absolutely soaked and it was like 10 degrees outside.

Speaking of Hales, will someone tell him hi for me or let me know how to get a hold of him, or give him my number or soomething. I haven't seen or talked to him in some time and would like to catch up.
It only gets worse EZT. Trust me.
anybody else going to Lawrence this weekend??? Pete??
Alright, it is decided, I am never getting married. Thanks for giving me the gentle pushes towards sanity, fellas.

I love how Lindsay said that you "got to" go do that last night--priceless. Seriously, why is it so hard for women to understand men? I mean, at what point does the thought of looking for wedding rehersal locales seem like a good idea for a dude? How insane does one have to become to think, "hey, EZT isn't doing much tonight--I bet he would love to go look for rehersal places!"

Napa, I'll tell him "hi" for you. I considered posting his phone number on here, but then thought better of it. Yes, you read that right, I actually considered putting it on here.
The funniest part of this whole process so far has been Lindsey talking about MIB a few nights ago. Lindsey thinks MIB is quite possibly the funniest human alive and she has already told him and I that if I ever screw up she is going to go straight to marrying Rick...
Anyway the other night we were discussing the booze situation at the reception and she starts talking about how her family aren't huge partiers and how my family is (don't worry, Vern is handling the booze)....anyway the talk quickly moves to the wedding party and how she hopes you all have a good time but that they aren't all so drunk that they embarass her...In the middle of that sentence she stops, and says..."Do you think Rick will embarass himself?"...before i could answer, she just said..."I think i should tell my parents about him before hand"
Ga, if you want to get married go to a tropical island and don't tell a soul. And if you still think that you want to have a big wedding and spend a fortune, I would suggest that you take that money and give it to all the contributers of this blog and we all take turns kicking you in the balls. In the long run you will find it much more enjoyable. So does anyone want to talk about inlaws? How much time we got?
I had a feeling Daisy would have something to say about this matter...
Are you telling me that the in-laws aren't rabid, obsessive readers of Heavy Soul? I'm insulted.
The song "Beth," by Kiss, kicks ass. That is all.
Speaking of older rock bands...

We were listening to a Queen album at work the other day, and I have to say I was really digging it.
I am going to Lawrence this weekend. Are you? I'll give you a call and we can pound pregame beers.

Speaking of beers, My entire room smells like a Newcastle factory thanks to Hales. Also, my early 90's Hartford Whalers jersey is finally mine again after a 10 year stay at Casa de Hales. Good times!

Also speaking of beers, show of hands for participants of the Big Boi drunkfest at the Old Dundee this evening.
Not sure how much time i will have pregame...we are going to Bill Self's coaches clinic that morning. I'm not sure if we are coming home after the game or not, but definately give me a ring. If we go anywhere pregame we will probably be at the Hawk to listen to the Sidetracks Band
Congrats on re-gaining possession of the Whalers jersey! What a power play!


Anyways, I am honestly shocked that Hales actually gave it up--do you carry a gun in your car or something? I find it hard to believe he just gave it to you.
EZT, that is both flattering and also flattering. The fact that your special wants some of the MIB means a lot to me. You let her know that. It also means a lot that I have such a stellar reputation. C'mon, I can be very suave and charming around parents. But if those parents get me drunk, then it's their problem. You tell the in-laws they have nothing to be afraid of. Or at least nothing to worry about.
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