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Monday, November 07, 2005

Sell Out!

With me, oh yeah! Sell out! With me tonight! Because the blog company is gonna give me lots of money and everything will be! All! Right!

Yes, with the help of Reel Big Fish lyrics, Heavy Soul has officially sold out. I turned on the AdSense option to the blog, so we can start getting that C.R.E.A.M.--get the money! Dolla dolla bills, y'all!

Anyways, enough music quoting here--the reason I did it is because I have read that it can rachet up traffic to the site. I'm guessing the amount of money that will be made out of this is...oh, $2 a month? Maybe? If I ever do, in fact, receive any kind of check, I will take every contributor to this blog out drinking sometime. The way I figure it, I will be able to buy each contributor one beer in roughly two years with the incredible stream of cash that will be generated by this blog.

In all seriousness, if we don't see any kind of spike in traffic after a month or so of this, I will take it off. I think it looks stupid up there, but worth it if we can get some more readers here.

Such an action is typical of a Republican.

Now, being a typical Democrat, I will be first in line when the free beer is handed out.

Does anyone want to go watch the football game somewhere tonite?
Is money generated by hits? If so I have some free-time to press the refresh button 1,000,000 times.
No, I think it is based on how many times an ad is hit from here. So, again, I'm guessing it will take 5-10 years to generate $10.
I'll work on it.
Did anyone else click on the ad for the Baseball General Manager and Scouting Course? How sweet is that.
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