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Friday, November 11, 2005

State of the Huskers

We have a special guest blogger with us today--since he's not registered, I'll go ahead and give him his screen name: Sweet Seger, or, The Young Republican. Anyways, he sent this e-mail along to me, and I decided that you really cannot say it much better than he did, so I just copied the entire thing for everyone to read:

I'm going to the game with my dad so it should be a good time. I have to admit, after reading Boyd Eppley's comments in the paper earlier in the week, I really didn't even want to go. My dad actually tried to sell our tickets, but no one even wanted them. I was real close to getting loose with a rant on the blog but decided not to.

I'm not trying to be dramatic, but I've gone through about every emotion thinking about this team the past five days. There were times that I didn't even want us to beat KSU because I thought maybe if things got bad enough that we could rid ourselves of at least Pederson. To be honest, I don't like many of the coaches, players, administration or even what this program stands for right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to go and cheer tomorrow, but it won't be for the current regime. I'll be cheering for Devaney, Osborne, Solich (for his years as an assistant) and for all the great players in the past. Those guys know what the "N" stands for and showed that they cared even if the current ones don't. The whole thing really makes me sad and I never thought I would feel so down about the Huskers.

Bottom line, I predicted last Friday that Kansas would beat us, which was the first time I picked against us all year long. Well, make that two, because I don't see us winning tomorrow. KSU 31, NU 17.

I think to get rid of Bill right now is a mistake. Talent wise we are still in a huge hole thanks to Frank. To go from an option offense to a West coast offense is not a task that can be done in less than 2 years. Look at Notre Dame, the previous 2 years I think they were something like 11-12 until this year when finally they have the right talent to go along with a west coast offense. True they play tougher teams than Nebraska but they also had better talent going into their West Coast transformation. I still have not forgotten how bad things were under Solich. A 1-8 record against ranked opponents at the end of his career with NU. This year we beat a ranked ISU and should have beat a ranked Tech. I was completly against the hiring of Bill, but he needs at least 2 more years before we decide to can him. If we are going to fire a B.C. it better be Barry Collier. Oh, and NU will beat K-State, I promise.
This seems to be begging an EZ-T response so here it goes.
Let me start this rant by saying that Sweet Seger is a husker fan that I greatly respect and he is one of the few friends I have that has close to that passion and loyalty to the huskers that I have, but him and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum in our disappointments this year.
I hate seeing our program in shambles as much as he does, you all know how serious i take this stuff and i am a wreck because of it. BUT i don't blame Pederson or Callahan in the least. Do I like Pederson, not really i think he's snaky but i think he is a major upgrade as an AD from $$$ Bill. Do I like Callahan...sort of, but again he's a major upgrade from Solich.
Here's been my point all season...I hate Frank Solich for what he did to this program. This is still his mess, he started the toilet flushing like spiral. People who blame Pederson and Callahan are hiding behind the glory that was and using the newbies as scapegoats. Now, I'll be the first to admit, it doesn't currently look like we got the right people in place to put an immediate stop to this snowball effect, but f@ck Frankie for what he did to this program. Maybe I'm being a little harsh on him when in all honesty it should be laid on the whole previous staff. I love Milt Tenopir to death but his lack of willingness to go out and recruit O-lineman over his last few years is biting us in the ass right now. Same goes for Dan Young and Darlington...great coaches who got old and quit recruiting...look at what this did to us. We have about 10 starters right now that never would have been on scholarship 8 years ago...Tiedtke, Ickes, Austin, CFT, Seppo, and Todd are all great examples...don't even get me started on the lack of depth as well. How is Callahan and Co. supposed to win with these guys???? Somebody give me a good answer to this and i might be willing to change my opinion, but i am fairly confident that there isn't a coach in america that could turn these clowns into a title contender. I actually think players like Tiedtke have completely overachieved this year...doesn't that say something???

Here's my point, it's fine not to like our current regime, but to put the blame on them is assanine in my opinion. Have they done a good job...NO but they are up against the wall and every person in the Husker Nation not blinded by the past realizes this. I am praying right now that Callahan gets a couple more years, more turnover is not going to solve this problem, it will only make it worse. Stay with these guys and have a little faith, Pederson is doing his part to get the facilities back to where they need to be...recruiting is 30 times better than it was...and probably most importantly in an 18 year old high school seniors mind (which is who really matters) we still have a great tradition....we'll always have the Sea of Red.

Now after saying all of that, i am here to tell you that there will be a few staff changes at the end of this year...all signs point to Wagner getting the boot and Bill Busch is going to get the chance in the next couple of years to get a Coordinator position, maybe this year.

Rant over, Seger...I love you, but quit sucking Solich's Dick...he's still to blame.
And you guys were worried...

But I don't know if anyone else saw this (or cares) but the big sophmore Ausie put up 22 points and 20 rebounds in like 25 minutes last night for the huskers. Sure it was an Exibition and sure it was Holy Family they were playing but whatever. We might have the next Luc Longley on our hands here.
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