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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Thanks to everyone for coming to the Old Dundee last night! Denise and I had the perfect evening. Also, thanks for sticking me with the tab! What, I didn't spend enough on the ring?

"Another one bites the dust."--Denise

Congratulations to GA Hill and the soon-to-be Mrs. GA Hill. Bout effing time. That girl put in work for that rock. Thanks for the tab. I'm still drunk.
Oh God, bombed. And for those keeping track at home, the running score right now is:

Puking 3 Denise 0
Congrats Mike! Amy and I are very excited for you and Denise. Wish you both the best and happy wedding planning you poor bastard!
Congratulations Mike and Denise. Sarah and I are also very excited for you. Everytime someone else gets engaged or married it makes us feel a little less old. When are you guys thinking?

By the way, I know a good photographer, when you get that far.
Thanks, Napa. Who's the photographer?
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