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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tired of being Lost

I don't know if there are any "Lost" fans in here, but I thought I would see what you all think.

I for one am getting a little tired of the show. At first I thought it was brilliant in the way they developed the characters and left the plot lines such a mystery. I also liked all the hidden things in the show that you had to pay attention to. I feel it is one of the better shows on right now and it is set up in such a way that it can continue to be good for a while. However, at some point I feel like they need to start answering a few more questions to keep my interest high. I am almost getting bored with it, It's like I need something more to hold on to. Not only do I need them to answer some of the questions about the current plot, but I also feel that there are many unanswered questions from last season that it would appear the writers hoped we had just forgotten about. For instance the whole white bear that was attacking them on the island, we never got an answer and they have not come back to it. It seems like so far this season the information from weeks of new shows could have been combined into a couple of episodes

I understand that leaving things a mystery allows them to go in whatever direction they want to go in future episodes, however if they don't start anwering questions they will lose viewers and not have future episodes, becasue I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Sarah shares this thought and so do a number of people that I work with.

What do you guys think?

But they do continue to answer questions. That whole orientation video answered quite a few. The polar bears are on the island because they are the zoological portion of the greater experiment. The video was the most important information that has been given so far in this season, and maybe so far in the entire show. It explained the hatch, the reason for the polar bears, the reason why other people would be on the island, and the reason why weird stuff goes on out in the jungle. I thought it was particularly poignant that Locke specifically said that they needed to watch the video again, I think its that important to the show. While it might not give specific enough answers for your taste Napa, I like the fact that it gives just enough without really giving anything away at all. The best part about this show is the speculation about what has happened and what will happen. Its remarkably fresh compared with all of the rest of the shows on television. I know sooner or later all (or most?) of the unexplained will be revealed to the viewers. I also think that many of the explanations might already have been subtly put into the show. I mean look how often they throw something in during the flashbacks that you wouldn't catch unless you were watching closely: Hurley on the TV during Jin's episode, Jack walking past Shannon and her stepmom after they find out about her dad, etc. They may have already given up every clue that we need, we're just too clueless to use the information at this point. I think thats what makes this show so damn good. I do wonder how they are going to incorporate the new folks and whether they are going to get their own flashbacks (pretty sure they are). On a closing note, Mr. Echo might have overtaken Sawyer as the biggest badass on television.
Mr. Echo is h-a-r-d.

As for this weeks episode, Big Boi, you told me that it was extended. When I finished downloading it onto the ol' iPod, it was the same lenght (43 minutes) as the previous two weeks. Did I miss something? For me, it ended right where last week ended.

****SPOILER ALERT*********
****SPOILER ALERT*********

Did it end where it actually supposedly shows Ana shooting Shannon on TV? Or was there more to the ending?

But this week's episode was kind of disappointing. Sure, we found out a bit more about The Others (sounds like they're some weird sort of cult). But other than that, I am a lot more concerned about finding out who exactly shot Shannon--because I am still not fully convinced that Ana did it.
Big Boi,

Maybe I am just not smart enough or maybe I just didn't read enough on the internet after the show was over, but I didn't feel like the video answered any of those questions. In fact it seemed to only complicate things. Besides that video was presented, what, three or four episodes ago without any mention or further explaination since. I am sure I could have gone online to one of the many Lost themed websites and found some answers, but unless I am wrong I believe it is a TV show not a webcast. I spend enough time on the internet, I would like to watch a television show.

As far as seeing people and objects in the falshbacks, that is fun and interesting but what does it really tell us? Nothing. You said "many of the explanations might already have been subtly put into the show...They may have already given up every clue that we need, we're just too clueless to use the information at this point." Clueless is exactly right. Things are too subtle. Good writing should give you just enough information to keep you coming back Lost seems to not be giving enough, and I feel the audience is getting frustrated. As I said in my previous post I am prett sure I am not the only one who feels this way. According to what I heard Lost was not nominated for any People's Choice awards. I would the reason for this is exactly what I am talking about.

Don't get me wrong it is refreshing to see a show that is so dramatically different. I suppose that is why I am frustrated, because I really like it and I want it to continue. I just feel at some point I will need more to hold on to from week to week. And I will agree with you Sawyer and Echo are both badass.
This week's episode got over at 9:03, three minutes longer than usual. Talk about a rip-off.

You've got to put this whole Ana didn't actually shoot Shannon thing behind you. Just because a bunch of conspiracy theorists think Ana didn't shoot her means nothing. They also thought that Shannon died of being stabbed. Wrong!

Things we should be concerned about:
what the Walter spectre is, how the others knew the raft left the day it did, how long until somebody screws up pressing the doomsday button, and when will Locke and Echo team up and finally turn this whole thing into the Lord of the Flies type scenario I've been waiting for.

Just think, everyone fits one of the personalities from Lord of the Flies. Locke is Jack (the leader of the anarchists), Hurley is Piggy (the fat kid), Jack is Ralph (the good protagonist), Said will be Roger (the torturer), Charlie is Simon (the in-between), and Michael and Jin act like Samneric (the twins who do everything together). I've been waiting for the day Locke comes to the survivors and says he wants to go after the others and "the beast," and he wants to form his own society built around these two tasks. Wouldn't that make just absolutely great televsion?

Now, I don't actually think any of this will happen, but couldn't you see Locke and Echo going off on their own to try to discover the mysteries of the island?
Napa, I don't look for answers on the internet either. I simply watch each episode twice (once by myself and once with Rick, we're hetero lifemates by the way). I guess we just want different things out of the show. I like being able to speculate on what is actually happening because I have no idea. I haven't heard the same grumblings about the show that you have. Everyone at school watches the show and they just love to talk about what is actually going on. I also think that explanations are going to come fast and furious when they begin. Things on the island are way to connected for them not to. I guess I don't have an answer as to why the show hasn't provided you with the answers you desire. Please just be patient. If they cancelled this show due to lack of viewers, I would move the south of France, change my name to Vincent, cut off my ear, start painting, and eventually kill myself from the boredom.
Well we don't need to argue what works and doesn't work for us any more. Like I said, I still like the show and I enjoy talking about and trying to figure it out as well.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind from the recent episode how the idea of "the others" has changed. Until this point we were supposed to believe they were some savage group who had been killing the survivors. However the only proof of this is what were told and that we saw the one dead body skewered with the spear. Now however we find that the sruvivors that were taken are probably still alive and that the only dead body was that of Goodwin, who was kind by Ana. As GA said it appears "the others" are some kind of crazy cult recruiting the "good" ones. Also, it will be interesting to see what happens now that the two survivor groups will connect.
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