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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Uh, you can have him

I was one of the Cub fans out there that kept insisting that Hendry make a move for Ugueth Urbina last season. Yeah....I don't want him anymore. From ESPN.

Urbina arrested on attempted murder charges

CARACAS, Venezuela -- Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher Ugueth Urbina has been arrested in Venezuela on charges that he and a group of friends attacked employees at his ranch with machetes and tried to set fire to them, police said on Tuesday.

Friend: Hey, Urbie! This is a great party!
Urbina: Yeah, thanks for being here, man!
Friend: Hey, I don't know about you, but you know what would really take it up to legendary status?
Urbina: Wait...you're not thinking what I'm thinking, are you?
Friend: YEP! LET'S...
Friend: Man, Urbie, you're parties are the shit.

dude, it was the same people who kidnapped his mother. they were actually employees of his. after he found out, he just snapped.
I just know I'm glad the Cubs locked up Neifi. Oh wait, that was stupid.
Really? I didn't see that in story--I was too busy reading about machetes and gasolene-dousing.

And as far as Neifi goes, it is a great signing...if the manager's name isn't Dusty Baker. Because a sane manager would appreciate that he has a great bench player at his disposal. Not a great bench player he is so excited about that he goes ahead and starts him everyday. I can just see the quote during Spring Training: "Yeah, Furcal is going to be a nice addition to this team...but I need to make sure I get Neifi his AB's."

Uhh, the thought makes me shudder.
I think it is funny that there is an ad on top right now that is for "DefendingWomen.com" and says "Know if you are marked for rape. Test your drink, your date, be safe."

Google supposedly has the technology to match ads up with content on these blogs--do you think it is on here because the words "drink," "drinking," "beer," "bars," "trashed," "wasted," etc. are on this blog roughly 10,000 times?
The ad is on to me.
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