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Friday, December 16, 2005


Looking at the number of times this page was generated over the last seven days in our Adsense account, it dawned on me--there is no way that just the people who contribute read/look at the blog.

So, as a test--if you are not a contributor to this blog, post a comment. Anything. One word. No words. Whatever. Just leave something to let us know you were here.

Or not. Whatever you want. But leave a comment.

I think I am bringing up the # of hists to the site. I have a lots of time on my hands right now.
I think we all just use too much internet at work. I'm probably good for 4 or 5 hits per day.
great time last night! great time!
If I get bored, I check your blog. Gotta see what those crazy Nebraskans are up to.

Hey...boys from Omaha, apparently. How fun! (Love the My Way, BTW)

Great blog!
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