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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Enemy #1

What a pussy...I hope Corey McKeon rips his head off next year. For those of you without a rivals membership i thought i'd pass on how this chicken shit told the NU coaches...

"I learned on Monday night that Freeman didn't even call the Nebraska coaches to tell them he wasn't coming. With all the relationships and time Nebraska developed in recruiting with Freeman's all the staff received was a text message around 8 p.m. that said "We aren't coming...please don't call."

K-state? Are you kidding me?
This kid is a real piece of shit. Have fun wearing your stupid-ass purple jersey next year. It's going to have a whole lot of red on it when Nebraska is done with him (when I say red, I mean blood--just in case you didn't know).

Loser. Is this guy Randolph Morris' brother or something?
He's going to get killed at KSU. I just hope this isn't a trend. This new coach is motivated to get, or steal, some recruits.

I really don't care that much about recruiting normally, but I think that we can take a year off without a quarterback and be fine with one more year of Taylor with Beck backing him up.

Now, here is where TJ comes in and says some shit about some 16 year old boy in Ohio that is going to save the program...

(refer to the post I made a few months ago about people who care about recruiting too much)
This is scary. I just read in one of the espn chat rooms that Freeman has been talking to Meno Holt about coming to K-State and Rulon Davis might be going to Cal. Hopefully they're just rumors, but if Freeman gets people to jump ship with him, he deserves a traitors death.
Big boi...there has been decommitment rumors about Rulon going to Cal for a few days now, so i almost expect it a this point.
Meno was talked to last night and he says he' still "N" but who the hell knows.

Pete...count me as guilty as i do care about recruiting to much...I'm ok with it. Not caring about recruiting is what landed Solich at Ohio. (note: i am not claiming to have any influence on recruiting)

In a weird sort of way..."Please welcome the Husker Nation into the world of big-time Div-1 football recruiting"...and to a certain extent this makes me smile, after all 5 years ago we would never have to worry about a blue chip recruit screwing us because we never would have had a chance with him anyway.

Pete, there is no way to sugarcoat this one, there is no savior that I am aware of left for this class. We've already snubbed a bunch of kids that would have been interested, they aren't going to reconsider us. I see this being really bad during Beck's junior year...who the hell is going to be the backup to Beck...Ganz??? Dear god that's a scary thought.
By the way...does anyone else find it hilarious that we have a picture of a 17-year-old or 18-year-old kid on the front page of our blog, calling him "Enemy #1?" I think it is priceless.
Shearer--My point exactly.

TJ--We shouldn't worry about two years from now today. There's JUCO, and something we'll happen. If the worst problem we have two years from now is a backup QB then we're doing fine.

As for these other guys, I really could care less about them b/c I heard we got a five star Juco receiver that is 6-5. Hopefully his name is Taco.
I've always thought this kid sucked and was overrated in general. I might be alone here, but I think a 4 star recruit should win more than 10 games as a two year starter in high school. This kid would have been destined to a shit career at NU something similar to Mike Stuntz without the pass to Crouch. I hope he goes to K-state and can't crack the starting line up.
Pete i believe more and more everyday that you and i are a perfect combination package of exactly what is going on the husker nation...2 big fans with totally different opinions and concerns. kinda new school vs. old school with half the husker nation on each of our respective sides....

I just believe that our program would have never fallen as hard as it did if the recruiting wouldn't have fallen as far as it did under Solich and this is the exact reason why I have taken such a large interest in it over the last few years.

10 years ago recruiting wasn't as big of a war as it is now. But limited scholarships, increased exposure to these kids as high schoolers, and more money being pumped into the smaller schools in the smaller conferences have all changed how important it is to land a blue chip recruit. If you want a team to be in the upper echelon they have to be towards the top of recruiting. Nobody wins Division/Conference/National titles with marginal talent outside of the big xii north. I want to get back to national championship contention....that wasn't happening until the recruiting standards were changed here....Luckily BC and company put more emphasis on it than the prior staff did.
The Google AdSense just put something about John Mayer up for me.

I think it was b/c there is a picture of a 17 year old boy displayed.

google is smart

I just heard Josh Freeman's dad on 1620. Unbelievable. One sentence, he says that they have tremendous respect for Big Red football and their coaches. The Kevin Kuegler asked him "is it true that you only sent a text message to the staff." He responds with "yes." Then Kuegler asks why he/they didn't just call. His answer:

"We were really busy yesterday."

Hell of a way to show "respect." His dad is a politician, and as Pete said after hearing this story, "he's probably a Democrat." I thought this was hilarious.

So...who wants to wager that Prince made a "donation" to his dad's "campaign?" That's about the only thing I can think of.
Hey, napa! How's it going?
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