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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Good times

I'm sure over the next few days we'll all disect the brilliant Husker victory and all the positives from the football game. But right now, I'd mainly just to thank Bowman (at least I think it was him) for not pulling a Bullocks and quitting on the final play of the Alamo Bowl. I am thankful to be spared a Cal Bears-esque replay that we would've had to suffer through for the rest of our lives.

I would like to take a moment and give myself some love--I was only off two points on each team's score in my prediction.

I am awesome.

I was also not that far away on my score.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Callahan. The team really responded and you can tell that they played as hard as they could.

Things have to be heading in the right direction, this was a gritty win.
I know, Pete--and the funny thing was that when we were talking on the phone right before the game, we were bracing ourselves for a drubbing.

I think what makes this team and that win so significant is not only the national exposure and beating a (albeit, underachieving) very talented/ranked team--it is how this team responded.

It has basically been reported that last year's team threw in the towel. Players gave up on the coaching staff. Players like Fabian Washington and Josh Bullocks openly did not care and were considered cancers. This year, we had the collapse in the middle of the season, capped off by the ass-kicking we got at Kansas.

This team easily (EASILY) could have given up. Could have turned on the coaching staff. Not only did they not, but they told everyone writing and talking about them "fuck off, watch what we're going finish." Their backs were against the wall, and they came out guns blazin'.

We saw serious improvement over the last two months, we saw a professional coach finally start to understand the emotion of college football (and its over-emotional fans), we saw players finally start to break out, we saw a defense play well-to get beat around-to lose all our linebackers, and come out and just beat down a Michigan team that is faster, bigger, and stronger than them.

Not only did this team miss serious adversary and keep their coach off the hotseat--they ended up, more than likely, a Top 25 team. If you could have found ANYONE that would have put even $5 on it that this is how this season would wind up after the Kansas game, I would have been impressed.

I don't know. I guess I am just completely impressed with this team and Bill Callahan. This very much reminds me of The Unforgettables, Rick Pitino's first post-season eligible Kentucky team. Yeah, they didn't have the greatest year. But they were in every game, played their hearts out, and let the whole country know that they were going to be a national power again real soon. Two years later, they were National Champions.

Will we see the same thing here? I'm actually starting to believe so.
Good post and agreed.

Even though Michigan was bigger, faster, and more athletic Nebraska was the better team and that says a lot about Callahan in my mind.
Food for thought, If Michigan takes that kick back for a touchdown at the end of the game with Nebraska players standing around as he runs by, Callahan is not a hero but a failure for not keeping his team focused until it was over. Don't kid yourself, that was awefully close to a disaster. Michigan was a great example of a team that had nothing to play for last night. It was a poor effort from their players and a great effort from Nebraska. This is the only way Nebraska wins that game.
daisy cutter, are you really Woody Paige?

And I do not agree with the "Michigan didn't have anything to play for" argument. They were trying to avoid their first 5-loss season in 10+ years (I believe), avoid not being in the final Top 25 poll in who knows how many years, avoid not being embarrassed on National TV, etc.

And if that guy would have scored, it certainly would not have been Callahan's fault. Everyone there thought the game was over. There were plenty of Michigan players and coaches on the field, as well. It just would have gone down as the second-craziest, mind-boggling play ever.

Mayfield, I am at a loss of words...we agree.
I agree that there has been significant improvement since the first game. But to go as far to say that Nebraska is on its way back to being a nationally respected team much like USC or Texas is a stretch. It take more than winning 2 road games to make me forget that Kansas smoked them and K-State lost by a field goal.

Woody Paige can kiss my ass!
We most certainly are on our way to being a Nationall-respected team. We are one after last night.

We're still a good 2 years from playing on USC/Texas level, but we are certainly travelling down that road now. Add another stellar recruiting class next year, plus another year of experience to 29 freshmen/sophomores that played this year, and you're going to see a significantly-imporved Nebraska team that WILL play in the Big XII Championship next year.

If that is not on the way back, I don't know what is.
may you have many more.
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