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Friday, December 16, 2005

I Guess I'll Get the Ball Rolling

So, Deadspin has detailed the charges in the Sex Boat "scandal" (Note: I use quotes just because the media refers to it as such. My opinion: sounds like a good time). The comments made afterwards are especially hilarious.

I saw that today, too, and it is just too much.

You know how weird it must look to have a guy sitting by himself in an office located in an otherwise empty side of the building laughing outloud?
Kind of like sitting by himself in a living room located in an otherwise empty house?
By the way, I also think it is hilarious that people are so shocked by this.

What??? Professional athletes throw their money around and bang strippers?? I am flabbergasted. I am flabbergasted.

And yes, The Rod, very similar.
I love the "2-prong ended" viking helmet comment...that is hilarious.
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