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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I need an official ruling.

After doing an hour of power followed by going to the boats, Timmy and I decided that we needed to stop by the R-Barr for victory shots. So I pull into the Dr.’s office parking lot located right behind the bar where there just so happened to be a cop car parked and waiting for drunks like me and Timmy. So with my car parked next to a cop, Timmy and I walk into the R-Barr to take our Shot and get our free chaser of beer. Here is where my question comes in, Timmy and I thought it would be hilarious if we came out of the bar hammered and instead of driving home, or just leaving my car there, we would push my car the half block to my house. We figured we wouldn’t get a DUI because no one was driving and at worse we would get a public intoxication which, considering how funny we thought this would be, was worth it.

So Big Boi, what would most likely have happened if an inebriated Kyle pushed his car home in front of a cop?

This question is interesting and has several answers depending on where an individual is when this occurs. An Alabama native will have no need to worry about pushing his car home, however if you have out of state plates, watch you back. In Utah, that bastion of teetotalers known as Mormans you can bet that your anticts would be issued a ticket and fine. In Nicaragua, the sentence would be death. While a few officers may issue a ticket for this (operation of a vehicle while under the influence, would b the obvious offense amoung a few other infractions) most judges would dismiss any charge you might pick up.
Thanks Dave.

And Nicaragans have no sense of humor.
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