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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

J Jones to the Cubs

I really didn't see that coming especially after the signing of Piere, but that seems like a good pick-up adding another solid fielder and batter. What do the Cubs fans think?

On a related note, I am sure you all saw that A.J. Pierzynski re-signed a three-year deal with the Sox. I suppose that means I have to put up with three more years of you all pissing and moaning about how much you hate him. Oh well, I suppose I'll just try to block it out with the memories of a World Series still fresh in my mind.

Is Johnny Damon really a 13 million a year player? Really? He gets on base pretty well, works pitchers pretty well, and runs pretty well. When did pretty good players start making 13 Million? Not only that but the guy is 32 years old. If baseball had a salary cap, I think Damon would be making maybe 7 million a year. If I ever graduate, and get a real job, I am going to hire Scott Boras to do my contract.
Oh and does anyone know what the cubs got Jones for?
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