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Monday, December 05, 2005

No Need For a Legal Team, Just Hire This Guy

For my inaugural contribution to Heavy Soul, I didn't want to bitch and moan about anything in particular. Instead, I wanted to give the readers a look at the work of a guy who is pissed off at the idiocy of the world in which we live. His irritation level rivals that of Maddox. This guy at Pirate Bay runs a Swedish-based filesharing site. Of note on the site are his responses to corporations demanding that he cease his operations. To find these, click on "Legal Threats." Unfortunately, some of the emails and responses are in Swedish, but the English ones are spectacular. Let the comedy ensue.

You were absolutely correct--those are hilarious.
That guy can be my attorney anytime.
He's not 100% correct though. If he racks up enough charges to fit into federal felony racateering charges, he could be extradited to U.S. and face a long, LONG time in prison.
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