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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Prior for Tejada??

Yikes. I really don't know what to think of this. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports (who has actually been the one guy that has been right this Hot Stove season) is reporting that the Cubs might be willing to trade Mark Prior and Rich Hill for Miguel Tejada, Erik Bedard, and a top outfielding prospect.

I don't know. The fact that it is even being floated out there is unbelievable. Do the Cubs think that Prior is half a season from blowing out his elbow? Do they think that Vitamin B-12 Tejada is worth giving up someone who has the *potential* to be one of the very best pitchers in baseball?

Bruce Levine of The Score in Chicago reported that there are two deals on the table. One involving what was reported by Fox Sports, and the other is:

B-More gets: Angel Guzman, Rich Hill, Corey Patterson, and Brian Dopirak
Cubs get: Tejada

Now, choice B is the one that I am taking and laughing all the way to the World Series. Granted, Guzman and Hill are two of the top pitching prospects the Cubs have, and Dopirak is an excellent 1st base prospect. But that deal needs to get done yesterday.

So, what do you think? Is Tejada worth Prior? I do not think so. At this point, I wouldn't trade Prior for anyone other than someone like A-Rod. He is going into Spring Training without any kind of soreness or problems for the first time in two years. I expect him back to his 2003 form.

I love that you stay so true to Prior, and can not wait for Mayfield Sucks to jump on this
I meant to include in the post:

"I do not care to hear any O'Connor opinion, because they have some stupid, vengeful vendetta against Mark Prior, and would suggest trading Prior straight up for Jose Canseco."
Trade him away. Tejada *is* a top player in baseball and Prior maybe *will be* a top player some day.

I'm also a bit worn out by the constant compliments of Prior. It's almost like he's the Brett Favre of the Cubs.
One thing I like about Brett Favre is that he is always healthy enough to play.
Jesus, Birch, you know you don't mean that.

Prior was the main push behind the Cubs' run at the end of 2003. He went 10-1 after the All-Star break. He can be that pitcher again, if he can avoid line drives off his pitching elbow.
I'm with Birch on this one, sorry Mike.

The cubs need somone like Tejada that is a completel ball player right now.
Pitching and defense wins championships. A frontline starting pitcher is way more important than a guy who hits a bunch of homeruns (unless said guy is Barry Bonds three years ago).

When Prior is healthy and on, he is practically unhittable. As I pointed out earlier, he actually went into a offseason healthy, and will be pitching all of Spring Training.
I'm with Mike. Sure Tejada put up 150 RBI's for a terrible O's team, and sure he is a proven leader and an all round great player and sure he may be the best short stop in they league but Mark Prior has potential.

Plus Prior is coming off the second best season of his career... he went 11-7.

Okay, lets be serious. Obviously the O's are not going to trade Tejada for Prior, that would be retarded. You are giving up a MVP for a guy who had one good season? Good being the key word, it was far from anything great. Unless the O's GM shares the same man crush on the Cub pitcher that Mike has, Prior is staying put.
As much as I generally hate Kyle's posts. I actually agree with him here.

I would make this deal in a second. Even if Prior turns out to be a great #1 starter it's still a good deal. You put this guy in the middle of the order with Derrek Lee and some speed with Jacque Jones and Juan Pierre in front of them and you automatically make the Cubs a legit contender.

The batting order would look something like this: 1. Pierre 2. Walker or Jones 3. Tejada 4. Lee 5. Ramirez 6. Walker or Jones 7. Barrett 8. Murton.

This lineup kicks ass, pull the f-ing trigger!
That would easily be the best lineup on paper in the NL...the only one close would be the Mets maybe.
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