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Friday, December 16, 2005


Let's do some more hard-core blogging today. It's Friday--you ain't got shit to do, anyways.

Also, any out-of-towners please either e-mail me your address, or post it in the comments (I will delete the comment after I get the address down).

Oh, its friday and I ain't got shit to do? Oh contrare mon frere. I am going to break the all time record of continuous hours being drunk. I just got done with a criminal law final where one fucking idiot broke every single criminal law that ever existed. I need to get some of that life giving elixir (aka budweiser) flowing through my veins asap. Anyone who feels like getting shitty at any time during the day or night should come join me. Also, the Creighton professional schools are having a fuck-finals party at Barrett's Castle tonight at 8. Its a $3 cover and the Confidentials are playing. Anyone interested should definately come, if only to watch me throw up on myself. Only one semester of law school left gentlemen. Then I can start suing Paul once a year for malpractice (we all know its going to happen at least that much).
Nice, I'll try to make it. Congrats on being done for the semester!
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