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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Steve Earle Ain't Ever Satisfied

I have been around some strange things this Christmas Break, a third year med student so ashamed of pissing himself that he has blamed it on a faulty humidifier in his room. The amazing coincidence of the Huskers only doing well when the Rod is not in the house. Then this morning we found a Steve Earle Ain't Ever Satisfied CD (apparently it is his greatest hits) in our spice cupboard. Right now the money is on Pete being drunk one night looking for some Jonny's French Onion Ajus to wash down his Taco Johns when he mistaken left it. More comedy that Pete supplied last night, while MIB and I were outside we stumbled over a suitcase full of Jeff shirts which would include:
Worlds Greatest Dad
Some IGN website that points out that you can not spell Igornant Slut without ING
A 1994 Diamond Rio concert shirt

Did you find the "8 seconds you'll always remember" shirt that Pete stole from me?

And I'm disappointed that Pete left these treasures behind.
In particular the "World's Greatest Dad" shirt--that was at least a weekly (usually bi-weekly) staple of Pete's wardrobe.

And that Steve Earle CD sat on the kitchen counter for, literally, months. I know it was there when I moved out. That was November of 2004.
The problem is I have too much cool stuff. You can only wear so many kick-ass t-shirts.
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