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Thursday, December 15, 2005

WCW vs NWO Revisited

So I was sitting at Best Buy with a $50.00 gift certificate not knowing what to buy when I saw WWE Raw vs. Smackdown. I figure what the hell, aint my money and picked it up. I am telling you this game is fantastic. Its made by the same people who made WCW vs NWO for the 64 years ago (a wonderful high school flashback), and plays real similar. Last night we were playing the royal rumble for about 5 straight hours. This game is already the cause of one failed final and I predict at least one more before the week is over. You can play with 6 players at once (which is insane) and it is amazingly satisfying to see your character get his named called randomly and have him run out to the ring with his music pumping in the backround. I give it a solid A and John Cena gets an A++++.

If Hulk Hogan is in this game, you're all screwed.
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