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Thursday, January 26, 2006

2006 & 2007 Husker Schedule

They're finalized. Here you go:


Sept. 2 Louisiana Tech
Sept. 9 Nicholls State
Sept. 16 at USC
Sept. 23 Troy
Sept. 30 Kansas
Oct. 7 at Iowa State
Oct. 14 at Kansas State
Oct. 21 Texas
Oct. 28 at Oklahoma State
Nov. 4 Missouri
Nov. 11 at Texas A&M
Nov. 24 Colorado


Sept. 1 Nevada
Sept. 8 at Wake Forest
Sept. 15 USC
Sept. 22 Ball State
Sept. 29 Iowa State
Oct. 6 at Missouri
Oct. 13 Oklahoma State
Oct. 20 Texas A&M
Oct. 27 at Texas
Nov. 3 at Kansas
Nov. 10 Kansas State
Nov. 23 at Colorado

What do you think?

oooh, that Sept. 30th matchup will be a sad day for husker nation when the jayhawks start a winning streak of their own.
I bet we beat Kansas by 2 touchdowns.
Other than at USC, which we have no chance at winning, we can legitimately win every other game. Texas at home and Iowa State on the road are the next toughest. It's never easy to beat A & M down there either.

If there is ever a year we could backdoor a Big 12 Championship, it's this one. I say we are looking at a 9-2 or 8-3 regular season, but should definitely win the Big 12 North, playing for a BCS bid against a team like Texas TTech or Okla that isn't substantially better than us.
I'm with you Pete...on paper i think it will be a disappointment if we don't at least win the North title.
Pete you are right on here, although I think A&M is tougher on the road than Iowa State.

The thing I'm wondering about is weather any of these new reciever recruits steps up or if it will just like last year all hype no new playmakers on the outside.
i.e. Chris Brooks
It would be nice if we get someone who can really make some plays at receiver down the field.

I love Swift as the possession guy, he always seems to get open, especially in the red zone which is fantastic. He clearly has something going with Taylor. Now we need a guy to hit some homeruns or at least pose the threat.

Don't forget we should get Herian back, how effective he is remains to be seen.
Pete, we certainly have a *chance* at beating USC. They are going to be as young, if not younger, than us next year. They are losing a ton of starters. There is no question that they have more talent, but we have more game experience coming back. I certainly do not expect to get blown out, by any means.

Whoever anonymous is, you're off your gord. There's NO WAY Nebraska loses to Kansas next year. At Lincoln, along with the revenge factor. And we'll be an exponentially better team next season.

I think 10-3 plus a sweet bowl game is not out of the equation at all. Actually, I think we'll be 11-2 going into the Big XII Championship.
Living with Dr D-Bag we have a number of medical professionals floating in and out of the house. One thing that I did hear was that Harians latest surgery did not go the smoothest and a 100% recovery may not be in the cards. Granted this is all hearsay, and I am pretty sure some hipo laws were broken during this conversation, and the doctors credibility may be questionable, at this point I would really wait and see what Matt is like once on the field.
Uhh, I think it is "HIPPA," not hipo.

Anyways, fuck those d-bags, trying to sound like they know because they're almost doctors. This has been reported on 1620 The Zone for a while now. THAT'S where they heard it--this is no secret.

Basically what it amounts to is that his leg is still a ways away from being fully recovered, specifically muscle mass. It will come back; how soon, no one knows.
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