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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

bad news = good news?

We all have cause for excitement. The Sports Guy is not covering the Super Bowl. If you read his More Cowbell yesterday, I for one would like to say I found his reasoning to be a bit arrogant. That he's been there, done that, etc. And frankly, I find a lot of his columns to be a bit arrogant as of late. I still read most everything he writes, but I really don't enjoy it like I once did. At one point in time you could picture him as one of your buddies ripping on some sort of inane topic, anymore I think he may be a little too big for his britches.

But the cause for celebration. The Chuck Klosterman Super blog that will be on Page 2. Early indications, and my early line is that it is going to totally kick ass.

Great blog npgage. I totally agree that Simmons is becoming increasingly more arrogant. There are two possible scenerios playing out for the sports guy.

1. He's turning LA on us. We would have never loved him in the first place if he was from LA and not Boston.

2. I'm married with a young baby, we all know the type. He's around your office right now talking about how he doesn't have to party or be cool anymore to prove himself because he's so beyond all that now. It's the mid thirtis curse completely.
So far, the Klosterman blog is hilarious . . .
Love the Klosterman! I cannot believe how many drug references ESPN lets him get away with, however.
Hi, thanks for the tips. That was a great help to me.
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