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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dumbest thing I have heard this year...so far

Carson Daley was hosting one of the New Years specials last night on TV (yeah I am lame, we didn't do anything last night. Anyway, after the ball dropped he said. "We were so obsessed with celebrity in 2005; I hope we can get away from that in 2006."

This from a guy whose whole career has been defined by celebrities. I got news for you jackass, if it were not for society's obsessions your quote to ring in the new year would have been "Welcome to Hardees would you like to try a triple-thick burger."
And besides what was special about 2005, I pretty mujch think that society has always been obsessed with celebrity.

So, while I was being lame, what were you all doing? Any good new years stories?

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