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Monday, January 23, 2006

Few Thoughts....

1. I just noticed that we are aobut to have our one year anniversary of Heavy Soul. To all of us who have helped make it a sporadic and moderate success, we should give ourselves a pat on the back. Also, feel free to check out the archives and think about if we have achieved any of the ambitious goals we laid out for ourselves last year. I know that I for one can say that I have done a subpar job of working on Hosewater, our independent film about the drinking and bottling of hosewater.

2. I apologize for my recent lack of posting. I also apologize to everyone who hasn't gotten any e-mails from me lately (basically everyone). I need to start working less.

3. On Saturday night I went out and only had 6 or 8 beers. I don't know if any of you have tried this recently, but I was so productive on Sunday it was almost scary.

4. I just finally got around to picking up the live Wilco CD. It totally kicks ass. This shouldn't surprise me because they are awesome in concert. My only complaint is that the disc is culled from a 4 night stand of concerts. So not only am I bitter about missing the shows (they were about a mile from my apartment, but I was busy that week, I usually prefer live cds that just go through one concert. I feel like going back into the studio and mixing and matching up the concerts takes away some of the street cred of the live disc. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I feel it cheapens it a bit.

5. The new shoe Love Monkey is formulaic, predictable and it's going to be great. Except anyone who watched the pilot, like me, may have been disappointed by how much the new up and coming artist resembles John Mayer. It could make me actually begin to hate the show.

6. The Heavy Soul golf tourney is such a great idea I'm almost getting giddy just thinking about it.

1. It doesn't seem like we've been doing it that long. So far, I think it has gone far better than what I expected--I was always afraid that it would be something people were excited about for a couple of months, and then drop off. I look forward to another year.

2. No shit.

3. I didn't do anything Saturday--and you're right, it was crazy how nice of a day Sunday was. That said, I'm getting real loose this Saturday.

4. When you lining up studio time to "mix" with Jeff Tweedy? I didn't realize you guys were buds...sweet!

5. I am still angry that the DVR, for whatever reasson, did not record the first episode. It is ready to roll for tonight, though.

6. I can't wait for the Heavy Soul Golf Tourney, either--I love driving people around in a cart and drinking beer.
GA...is it possible that at some point in your life you will decide to sack up, become a normal American male and actually decide to start playing golf????

Good god you are missing out on a lot of "guy time" if you don't golf. As my father once told me..."Without golf I think i would actually have to spend some time with your mother during the summer."
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