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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

good question for the Soulers...

Who are the best 3 coaches in college football today?

Our good buddy Andrew Dick and i have been emailing about this today so i thought i would spread it to the blog...he posed the question and than answered with
Pete Carrol
Charlie Weis

My rank...
Pete Carrol
Bob Stoops (hate the bastard)
Steve Spurrier


1. Mike Price
2. Joe Pa
3. Frank Solich
George O'Leary
Mike Price
Gary Barnett
Do Joe Pa and Bowden still count as being "active" coaches? Watching the Orange Bowl neither one of them was even wearing a headset. Joe Pa maybe 79, but listening to his interviews he seems like he is pushing 110. There is no doubt in my mind that Joe Pa has nothing to do with game planning, or play selection, or anything besides standing on the sidelines looking like he just crapped his diaper. Plus, I saw numberous times where it was Bowdens assistants arguing with the refs while Bowden stood two feet behind them listening. Both of them really need to move on.
Mine (actually being serious):
Charlie Weis
Steve Spurrier
Mike Shula
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