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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Husker Hoops

I realize that very few of you give a rats ass about the Husker Basketball program but i still think it's blog worthy. Sambuca and I have been discussing it a lot today so i thought i reach out for some other opinions.

I have been following the Husker Hoopsters long enough to realize that tonight is normally the night that they ruin any hope i have for them. It always seems like they get off to a good start and than lose a game that they need to win to keep momentum. This Husker team struggles mightly on offense but has been playing very good defense. Especially since Barry started playing some trapping defenses and mixing in some zone. If they can beat the Clones tonight they are sitting really pretty and dare I say...might be setting themselves up for a tourney run? Lose tonight though and toss the 2-0 start out the window and watch this team flush themselves down the stretch.

I've just been let down to many times by Barry led teams...i'm pretty much expecting us to lay an egg tonight. Hope they prove me wrong.

Good post, TJ. Who knows? With Kentucky being so shitty, maybe I will actually follow the Huskers a bit this year.

I do think that you're totally right; if they win against ISU, they are really rolling (and staying atop the Big XII).
Did you guys see Lunardi's Bracketology this week? The Huskers were in (one of only three teams in the Big 12).

That would kick ass.

Although I'm wagering every cent I have in my bodog.com account tonight on th Clones, either way I go home happy.
I don't blame you Pete...I'm thinking along the same lines....not only were they mentioned in the bracketology, but they also received votes in both polls.
Here's a couple stats for you guys...
-The Huskers haven't opened 3-0 in conference for over 30 years.
-Only one other time in Collier's tenure have the Huskers received votes in the polls...that was the week before conference opened (can't remember for sure the year that i read but i believe it was '02)...and guess what they lost twice that week.

God i hope they prove me wrong but I've just been trained to expect the worst whenever you get any hope for Husker Hoops.
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