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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is there a good possible way to take this.

While picking up lunch today I ran into a former account rep, now sales manager here at work (we will call him Randy.) In the past I really rarely worked to much with Randy, but when I have it has always gone smoothly and he has always been a likeable guy. Anyway after talking about each other holiday break he asked me if I knew a Jon Doe. I racked my brain trying to place the name, I knew that in Randy former life as a account rep he primarily work with Fuel/Parking merchants, and one particular auth vendor, but Jon Doe was not ringing a bell. So I asked where would I know him from. . .Without batting a eye he said that Jon Doe was a bartender at Barrett's and has applied for one of Randy's open sales positions.

Ladies and Gentleman Delusional KC Fan has now become my division degenerate, anyone up for drinks tonight.

As a FYI I went straight to Pete for a answer on if Jon Doe was a good guy.

That story is classic. What would push it over the top is if Pete, in fact, knew.

We are watching Animal House at Dort's tonight (at Karl's request!). You should come down. Big Boi is coming, and I assume MIB is, as well.
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