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Friday, January 20, 2006

Like I have always said...

...the guy is a bum. Nice to have the one guy everyone thinks of when they think of "Duke" be this rat-bastard, huh TJ?

And yes, it makes me giddy that the lawsuit is being brought by a Lexington-based company. And on the flip-side of this, yes, it bothers me that any respectable Lexington-based company would give Christian Laettner anything other than a swift kick to the ass.

The man who broke the hearts of UK basketball fans with perhaps the most famous last-second shot in college basketball history is being sued by a Lexington-based business.
Last November, Christian Laettner borrowed $375,000 from The Branch Banking and Trust Company, or BB&T. Laettner signed a promissory note agreeing to make nine monthly payments, but he has failed to make the first, a January payment in the amount of about $41,000, causing the currently un-signed NBA player to default.

Laettner was a great college player but i've never liked the guy...didn't really even like him as a Duke player.
I know you didn't, I am just giving you a hard time.
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