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Thursday, January 26, 2006

NCAA Baseball O6

I'm going to buy this game when I get off, has anyone played it yet?

To everyone but specifically EZT: How are our boys ranked 10th? To me, it looks pretty obvious that we have some serious lineup concerns and not much depth at pitching. Are there some players I'm not aware of? Lack of talent across the board in the NCAAs? Too much respect given to our returning position players? Is starting pitching THAT important? Or are these voters way off base?

Let me know what everyone thinks about NU baseball this season.

Pete, here's my brief run down...I think 10th is about right. We are rated as high as 4th in some polls and that's too high.
Why we are ranked 10th...PITCHING

Us and Missouri (Scherzer and Culp at Mizzou are a dominant 1-2) on paper have 2 of the 5 best staffs in the nation....
3 pre-season all americans in Joba, Dorn, and Jensen who is going to be a great closer.
Watson will be challenged by a newcomer with the last name of Cranston. If he's actually as good as Watson we might have the best 4th starter in the nation. Losing Bohanon for middle relief will hurt but from everything i've read they expect good things from some young arms. Plus Christy is a great defensive catcher and handles pitchers about as well as you will see a college catcher.

Defense should be solid...Offense is the concern.
I expect Gerch to live up to the hype and I think Nimmo will be Solid in CF. Wehrle should be a great 2-hole guy...but past that it's all newcomers or hopes that guys like Opitz, Buckman, and Christy drastically improve their hitting.
I love the game. I can't see myself playing a baseball game that does not use the right analog stick to swing. In addition you also throw using the analog stick so depending on how straight you push the joystick will determine where you ball goes. I would recommend going through the tutorials because there is a learning curve to the game.

Also Pete, if you want the updated rosters with everyones name let me know.
this is hales. i have to agree with the right analog hitting. at first i was ready to set the ps2 on fire, now i can't see hitting any other way i give three thumbs up
On the subject of Husker baseball, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say are pitching is overrated. Childress leaving is going to be a nightmare. Like the Braves and Leo Mazzone this year.
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