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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Favorite Cub?

The Heckler currently has an interview up with Cubs' closer Ryan Dempster. I had heard before that he is a pretty cool guy from anywhere in stories by Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune to internet message board postings by people that have met him and said how cool of a guy he is. However, he probably made the leap after reading this little gem in the interview:

"I can quote the whole movie "UHF" starring Weird Al Yankovic."

That one's for you, Pete. Some other great quotes:

--Responding to Phil Roger's comment in a story that Dempster is "always available and frequently hilarious": "It's more like 'frequently available and always hilarious.'"

--"If I'm out in a restaurant, I don't mind being approached by people, but if I'm shoving a forkful of pasta in my mouth, I don't want someone coming over and asking for an autograph. I do like that every time I go to a bar they buy me drinks. I hope they continue to do that."

--Referring to a prank he played on RP Will Ohman: "That one was pretty good. Whoever tries to get me next, I'm going to take out a billboard ad near Wrigley and put up their home number, cell number and picture that says 'call me anytime.' That's going to be my next one. "

--"...technically I wasn't streaking--I served cookies in an apron, only an apron."

He is outstanding. I think he will be my favorite player this year.

Of course, the closer role isn't that important on a team that is not in contention.
Gage, you cannot fully become a Cub fan until you buy into the optimism.

They're going to be back in the playoffs!
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