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Monday, January 23, 2006

Plummer and Scott

This just wasn't your weekend TJ, huh? First the Hoyas take down Duke and then Plummer takes down the Broncos. It was pretty funny watching Plummer's face over the course of the game and how it became more and more bewildered. Of course, now ESPN is trashing Plummer even though they praised him throughout the regular season. You had to know sooner or later the real Jake Plummer was going to show up and destroy a great season with one game. The ESPN guys act like they knew it, even though they actually had long arguments last week about who was the better quarterback, Plummer or Roethlisberger. Speaking of ESPN:

I'm really starting to hate the sports leader, and if Stu Scott gets another Sports Center this week, I might cut off an ear in frustration. He went through the entire "Kobe scored the second most points in history" page like four times at the beginning of last night's broadcast. Great, Kobe scored 81 (against Toronto!) just show me some highlights, not some page over and over that lists how many times Chamberlain scored 63 and what Kobe's field goal percentage was. And Stu, please don't add you're in there how just seeing 46 attempts makes you tired or my "my boys got mad skills," it makes you look like more of an idiot than usual. In fact, Stu made Steve Levy (DOG!) look like an idiot just by sitting next to him. Aside from Stu, what does Kobe scoring 81 actually mean? Nothing. He didn't break any records, Wilt still had 100. It just shows that the Lakers are so bad they need him to take 46 shots in order to win against a team that's 13 games below .500. But at least the lake show is winning.

very rough fan weekend for me for sure. Give props to the Hoyas, they beat Duke on a day when Duke even played well other than Sheldon Williams deciding to not even show up for the game.

As far as Plummer is concerned, he's a time bomb waiting to explode...he just picked the AFC championship game to do so. Saying all that, he still is a good QB for a Shannahan offense. His scrambling ability makes the Bronco stretch running game/boot leg game tough to defend. They just need some more playmakers at the WR spot. Good year for the Broncos though, they far exceeded my expectations for them this year.
I think it's hard to pile on Jake the Snake too much. He had a sweet season, and basically every team that has been eliminated from the playoffs has had a quarterback take a dump on the field. It's probably the #1 plot of the off-season. Now we just have to figure out which qb will defile Ford Field in the Super Bowl. Double up to catch up on the NFL playoffs!!!!

I also wonder what the hell Stu Scott is doing sometimes. He's horrible.
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