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Sunday, January 08, 2006

A return of after hours

Update on my quest for moderation:

After holding out for most of the week, I hit a weak patch called GA Hill, Pete, and Hales. Five minutes into the Old Dundee, I was on my second RB &V. Not long after GA arrived, a round of car bombs were emptied into our gullets. Fearing our blood alcohol content was not sufficient, we traversed to the Gables Condominiums for some good ol' fashioned after hours.

Due to an unexpected visit from DeNephew, a continent and a linebacker, an emergency house clean occurred. So we drink for a couple of hours more and then a brilliant idea hits us: Let's revise our "Who Would You Do?" list from our senior yearbook. Scary. I thought I would bang a lot of the girls when I was in high school. My number may have doubled.

3:16 am. Let's call Katherine Barksdale now. Had to get her number from Meagan Rama. When we called, her boyfriend of six years answered. Annoyed. We kept her up for about half an hour. She hung up annoyed as well. It's great to keep in touch with long lost friends.

The beer ran out. So we drank some champagne.

Who else can we wake up? Nobody? Well, we may as well call my brother in Australia. Can't wait for those charges to show up on my next bill.

In conclusion, after hours are great.

Champaign! That's why I felt like total dog shit today!

I could not figure it out for the life of me!
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