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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

Friends, we have many times wondered if this time would ever come. We wondered, "how do we (I) get away with this?" Well, our answer comeith. I just received this e-mail, from our friends at ESPN:

From: ESPN Insider Reply-To: memberservices@espn.go.comTo: ***********@hotmail.com
Subject: Your ESPN Insider Account Security
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 23:14:42 -0800 (PST)

Dear Michael,

Our records indicate that there is an unusually high number of clients accessing Insider using your subscription account. To prevent unauthorized use, we have locked your account to require a password change before your next access to Insider.

To protect your account from unauthorized access, please do not share your new password with others.

PLEASE NOTE - If our system shows that your password has been locked out in excess of five times, we reserve the right to revoke your Insider access without refund in accordance with the Insider Member Service Agreement.


In order to reset your password, please visit the following page>and fill out the password reset form using the key provided below.

So there it is. np gage, if you would kindly let the 50 people in your office know that they are going to have to pony up their own $5 a month for ESPN Insider, I would appreciate it. Along with the other 100 people across the country that I have never seen, let alone met, using it.

The man continues to keep us down.

I assume that you did the password change. . .when will we get the new password
This is so funny it will make the rest of my day.
I am guessing the new password is icannotbelievekentuckysucksthismuch.
This is one of the best posts in Heavy Sould history....

On a related note, i've had to change my rivals password for the same reasons a couple of times.
Actually, Rod, it is:


It really is shocking.

Yeah, I couldn't believe I got that e-mail. I mean, this has only been going on for two and a half years!

Who else has people they work with use it? I know Pete does, I believe OC does--anyone else?

And by the way, I find this as hilarious as you guys do.
i just think it's horseshit that i don't use it or know the password.
I'm with EZT. I didn't know the old password either. How did we get left out. I think think this time around you should give out your password to the people you forgot about the first time.
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