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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


If anyone is interested, I might catch a couple of beers this evening at 6 to watch Kentucky play at Auburn. Let me know.

What the hell is going on here? Did I kick someone's dog or something? Of the last five posts I have put up, one has received comment. And this one, I am desperately trying to find someone to hang out with--and nothing?


Big Boi?




Come on! Beer and bar food? Isn't that enough to get someone to hang out?

I suck...
I have to serve food to the underserving public tonite Mikey.

Not that I would want to watch Kentucy with you anyway.
I'll be your friend. Instead of a bar, how about we go to a comic store? Or better yet how about I just come over to your place?
Sorry, my liver won't let me.
I'll tell you what GA....if we lose to Ashland-Greenwood tonight in the first round of our conference tourney i might just drive to Omaha and get blitzed with you as i will definately need numerous drinks.
welcome to my current social life, GA
MIB, you pansy.
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