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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

USC vs. Texas

I know that this has alread been brought up by el Big Boi, but I have a different angle.

USC is favored by 7.5 points tonight! I thought the spread was 3.5 earlier. Anyways, who would you bet on?

I'm an idiot--forgot to thrown my pick.

You have to pick Texas, don't you?
You do if you want to lose money. I'm thinking I'm taking the defending champs.

An old rule is that anytime you see that .5 on the end of a 7 it usually means to take the favorite, because they are begging you to take the points.

Not having it: USC 7.5
Pete you are a wise man w/ your 7.5 theory. My "service" loves USC as well.

however, i think i'm going against my "service" tonight and taking the dogs...sole reason is Texas' Defense. I think that they will actually contain the vaunted USC offense who has played against a good defense yet this year.
meant to say hasn't played against a good D all year.
Stewart Mandel of SI.com makes a compelling argument for taking Texas straight up. He picks UT to win 33-30.

He makes the best point that, yes, USC has two Heisman winners starting at QB and running back, and have sweet receivers, but overall, Texas has more talent. Plus, USC's LB's are beat up, and their corners have been questionable at times. Texas' have certainly not been.
I don't think either one of these teams is among the greatest of all time, contrary to what people are saying. USC is down at halftime EVERY game, lost most of their sweet defensive players from last year, and Texas is kind of a one man show. ESPN definitely has a "newer is better" mentality that is absurd.

In this case, for Texas to win they have to hold USC to under 30 or they don't have a chance. I'm not sure they can do it. I'm going to say USC 37 Texas 28.
I think it is going to be a close game, which means take the points.

I like Texas getting 7.5
I'm sorry, I just can't do it. I HATE the longhorns with every fiber of my being. From every baby shit burnt orange shirt to every obnoxious slackedjawed yokel with their fucking "hook em horns" in the air. Piss on them.

I know I hate the media too for pushing the latest is the greatest, but just wait a few years until the huskers win a few back to back national championchips.

That being said. Mack Brown chokes again. USC 31 Texassss 21
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