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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


...are in order for the tiny hamlet of Ashland, Nebraska. Not only have you, a town of 2200, successfully impeded progress for an entire Metropolis consisting of more than 1 million, but you did it without giving a single valid reason. That's damned impressive. Hats off.

You stopped a "feasibility" study. The reason it's called a "feasibility" study is to see if flooding your town to build one ass-rockin' lake is "feasible". Judging by the news last night, most of you will be dead by the time Ashland is flooded anyway, so you did an excellent job of protecting your own interests.

And don't say you want more people, jobs, and businesses in your town. I can think of a great way to make this happen: Turn on the faucets.

I could not have said it better myself. I personally would donate a few extra hoses and some buckets. Let the faucets flow!
Great post Pete. I read what those yokels were saying in the paper, and all I could think about was that collectively, they are the most deserving recipients of the Darwinism Award that we have seen in a long while.
By the way, Pete--I appreciate you staying up on the current local scene. Always refreshing, your posts are. (c) Yoda
I feel it is my civic duty to report the appalling lack of progress in this state to all Heavy Soul readers.

Visionary, the people over 40 in this state are not. (generally)
It is completely painful to see the opportunities washed down the drain by jackass citizens of this state.

Do you realize just how sweet Nebraska would be if it weren't for the waterheads that think building a major tourist attraction (and generally kick ass place) is going to hurt THE BUSINESS IN THEIR AREA????!!!????

Bringing tens (probably hundreds) of thousands of people to your community during the summer actually HELPS your economy.

Dumb asses.
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