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Monday, February 06, 2006

How did i miss all of this?

Good god i hate my job...being on the road last week required me to miss the greatest blogging week in the history of Heavy Soul. Not to mention the posts featured Duke hating (suck it Trebek), Creighton hating (I'm almost disappointed that post wasn't started by Sambuca or myself as everyone knows how much him and I hate those bastards), and CURLING (i think i made the first ever curling posts a few months back)! Fantastic!

Here's my additions:
Duke hating...I realize that it's very easy to hate Duke and I'm ok with that. I'm also ok with my man crushes on JJ Redick, Wojo, Bobby Hurley, and Trajan Langdon. But the point I want to make here is something Pete said below...if Duke was playing NU no doubt i am cheering on the Big Red....as a matter of fact I was almost insulted by that comment as big of a die hard Husker Hoopster as i am. I
'm on my 8th straight year of season tickets for christ sake. On another note though Pete i really respect you dropping you allegiance to Kansas...good work, for that let me know if you want a ticket to Wed. game at the Bob so that you can cheer on Barry and the Miracles.
Also side Duke hating note....I'm going to the Final 4 this year...please God let Duke make it, thanks.

Creighton hating...I hate the Jays...but realy i just hate their fans. I think that if they weren't such pompous a-holes i could probably stomach to cheer for the second tier school in our state. I like Altman and I like his style of coaching and in general i can stand his players....but i hate the "Jay-backers" with a passion. I might actually hate their baseball fans more than their basketball fans if that's possible, i just dread that CU/NU Rosenblatte game every year. CU usually plays us tough because they know it's the biggest game they will play in that stadium every year and they always waste away a weekend series around that game because they throw their ace at us while we are throwing a freshman mid-week starter...just pisses me off. The only thing i like about Creighton athletics is that they serve booze at their games...but even that sucks because all they sell is Cosmo's.

another side note...the Husker Option guys have a little connection to us as i have been on their board before...last year they adopted the Raymond Central Mustangs as their h.s. team to follow and a lot of them show up at our games and are friends with our head coach...when are you bastards going to start showing up to see us????? For the record we are currently 7-8 with 6 losses by 5 points or less, i have lost most of my hair. Sub-districts are in Boys Town in a little over 2 weeks.

Curling...MIB, let me know what you find out about that curling league...i might drive up to play.

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