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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

my night out...

I went to a bar this evening that had probably the best juke box I have seen in a while. The bar was called AliveOne in Lincloln Park. The jukebox consisted of probably 200 or so live albums (including bootlegs) of all sorts of bands such as pearl jam, wilco, rolling stones, ben harper, talking heads, rusted root, janes addiction and many more...all live! It was quite a sight. Meanwhile the large flatscreen was playing performances ranging from Blind Melon's woodstock II performance to a marathon Allman Bros set. All this with the tuesday special of $2.00 pints. It made for a great night, which was capped by hearing the quote "I'd have sex with Robert Redford for a really fucking kick ass stamp collection" Overall I had a really good night, and I thought I would share it with you all because I go out so rarely.

Eddie Vedder is know to frequent that bar when he is in town.
That place sounds unbelievable.
i would be known to have sex with Redford or Newman for a good stamp collection as well.
That bar is solid. And Napa, we need to get out drinking one of these days.
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