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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I hope he's wrong Part II

EDIT: Welcome, Deadspin readers! Make sure to look around a bit while you're here. It's fun!

This has to be the funniest e-mail I've come across in quite some time. I've never shied away from conspiracy theories, but this one might be a bit much.

This is the e-mail verbatim:

I received this e-mail from someone close to Solich and this e-mail
> >written by Frank's son-in-law, Jon Dalton.
> >
> >
> >
> >Okay,
> >It has been some time since I last emailed most of you on this
> >and
> >I have been cleared to share some information about an "Incident"
> >occurred with my father-in-law back in November. As most will
> >recall, Coach Solich was picked up for "DUI", to which he was advised
> >and pleaded "No Contest" on the first business following the
> >incident. I also
> >sent an email on this speculating that there was foul play. Coach
> >hair analysis test ran and it was confirmed that he was drugged, not
> >intoxicated. The GHB levels in his system were extremely elevated,
> >which caused him to "pass out" within 20 minutes of the drug entering
> >his system.
> >He has been working to have this information released to the public,
> >has
> >not necessary gotten full support of the University President. The
> >Athletic Director is beside himself, as is Frank, and well, most of
> >the rest
> >us
> >this close to the situation. The school is a notorious party school,
> >frequently finding themselves in the TOP 5 party schools in the US,
> >including the last 2 years that I am aware of. They have also
> >had
> >at least 3 Doctorial professors, presumably in their medical program
> >that have been "busted" for distributing prescription drugs to be
> >sold via non-legal means. Interestingly, the bartender at the
> >establishment,
> >a
> >hippy child, who happens to be the son of an Ohio University medical
> >professor, that has access to this drug, GHB. While I would be
> >if
> >the local DA or University is willing to investigate any further that
> >find a way to NOT implicate the locals, particularly tenured
> >instructors, the facts of
> >this "incident" will eventually be released. It may come when Frank
> >finally
> >has had enough and goes public himself, on his way to a different
> >opportunity, but he hopes it does not come to that.
> >It has been interesting trying to feed this information to Bobcat
> >followers
> >on the web. Folks back there don't seem to think it is even remotely
> >possible, while others would "like to believe". Even the arresting
> >officer
> >is certain that Frank was the victim, based on recent conversations
> >Frank
> >has had with her, from what I hear. Feel free to inform anyone you
> >think would appreciate this information. The more that know the
> >the
> >more likely the truth will be officially released. Incidentally, I
> >also seen, read, hear of pretty much all of the other "rumors" and
> >assure you that Cindy has no illegitimate brothers or sisters, there
> >have NEVER been any affairs, no-one is getting a divorce or
> >separated, and whatever else might be out there is just something
> >only naive people would
> >believe to be true.
> >Jon

Thats fake.
From the source I received this e-mail: it is not fake.
maybe your copy is really from the 'source' you received it from; but the story is not true.

Even if it was, GHB does not explain away all of his erratic behavior, or the excessive alcohol intake.
Brilliant stuff, really enjoyed it. Thank you for the post.
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