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Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun X 2

A couple of invitations to all blog members. And if you are not a blog member and still want to come, that would actually be better. We all hang out all the time. Fresh blood. We'll be the drunk ones. Here we go:

What: Hold Steady Tailgate
When: Sunday, May 20, 4 p.m. until the show
Where: Sokol--13th and Martha
Who: Anyone going to the show that reads this
Why: Because The Hold Steady (really)condones drinking and pre-show tailgates, and so do we.
How: We need someone on the following items: meat, Tucker Max Death Mix, beer, one cooler, chairs, ice, chips, frisbee, horseballs. Sign up in comments if you like. I will bring a bunch of chairs, a cooler, a grill, some (but not all) beer, and help the Deuce out with the death mix.

What: Potter's going away party
When: June 1st at 7 to whenever
Where: Barrett's Barleycorn, 4322 Leavenworth
Who: Should be a good crowd
Why: Because Katie is moving to Des Moines
How: By consuming a keg of Miller Lite in the back room of Barrett's, should be food as well.

Again, I would appreciate any help on the Hold Steady Tailgate. And Katie would appreciate all who can make it, and since most of you guys are at Barrett's on Friday, that shouldn't be a tall order. Let me know and let's fire it up.

I'm in for Katies party but will be gambling at the fabulous Golden Moon Casino on the 20th.
I've got the Tucker Death Mix, the cooler, and the ice.
I've got food, bitches!

I've got food, bitches!

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