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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If you happen to hear gentle weeping in the winds....

...it is the collective sound of all the women in the world having a quiet cry tonight...THE GOODS is off the market, friends. Just got an excited (relieved?) call from Goods to tell me that he made Ricki the luckiest girl in the world, and asked for her hand in marriage.

Congrats, Goods!

(Bold prediction #1, RE: The Goods wedding: It won't matter how many beers you've had at the reception, because The Goods will have had five more.)

Between this great news and the celebration of Sambuca's wedding this weekend, it's been a pretty eventful week!

Congrats to both...to of the finest dudes any of us have had the privelege to call "friends."

UPDATE: Here's an official press release, as written by intrepid reporter Seger:

“In what must be heartbreaking news to women worldwide, Colin [name redacted] is officially off the market. Known affectionately by friends and admirers as “The Goods”, the Kearney icon became engaged late Tuesday night. “The Goods” gained popularity over the years for his trendy necklaces, finely pumped biceps, fashion sense and legendary ability to consume beverages. An official announcement and press conference are expected later this week.”

Thanks buddy!

Congrats to the Goods as well!
Congrats Goods!
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