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Friday, June 01, 2007

Opening Today Major League IV "Wrigleyville"

Jesus Christ! Two days after having a player only meeting, where Jake Taylor must have proven ineffective, and coming off of a disgusting series against the Marlins it is great to see the Cubs firing on all cylinders...

Carlos (I'm going to win the Cy Young) Zambrano after giving up a career high 13 hits with no strike outs decides to take his craziness to a whole new level by punching catcher Michael Barrett. The Cubs who are on an outstanding 5 game losing streak show no signs of stopping their great descent into the cellar of the worst division in baseball!

The only thing missing is sarcastic calls from Harry Doyle, but I'm sure Hendry has something in the works because he has manage to spend 300 million dollars on a team that has one of the greatest skippers and absolutely no chance of winn a goddamned thing!!!

That is all.

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