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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rip 'Em, Eaters!

Just got back from The Blatt...what an incredible game. UC-Irvine--those lovable Anteaters--rallied big time to completely stun everyone at the game; most importantly stunning Arizona State.

Down four runs in the 8th inning, the Eaters scored eight--and if it were not for their completely retarded third base coach, should have scored five--held on with clutch pitching, pushed it into extras to set the stage for little Ollie Linton (all 5' 8" of him, and a total crowd favorite before the last at-bat) to push a single into right field to win the game.

UC-Irvine becomes the first team in CWS history to win two straight extra-innings CWS games (the first being their record 5-hour long game the other night), and have firmly set themselves up as the overwhelming Omaha bandwagon darlings. And guess what? I'm driving the bastard. What a fun team that never gives up.

It's going to take a miracle for them to win two games against defending National Champs Oregon State, but I say bring them on! This is a team of history, by God!

Great stuff tonight, people. Games like that are precisely what college sports--and specifically the College World Series--is all about.

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Q. Am I wrong to be excited for a Beavers-Eaters matchup?

A. Yes.
The best part about this team is the guy that holds and gesticulates their lucky bat the entire game: he looks like a combination of Luigi from Super Mario Bros and Ron Jeremy, right down to being fat and having a mustache. I watched it on TV and they showed him after approximately every other pitch. He's fucking great.

I'm in on this bandwagon. Let's go EATERS!
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