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Friday, July 06, 2007

Career Move

As I sat with my head in my hands last night wondering what was I to do with the final 33 years of my life, many career moves floated through my head. Game show host, stand up comic, real estate agent.

For the sake of generating some traffic (and delegating any difficult work from me), I am asking you, the Heavy Soul reader and/or contributer for help. Please post some suggestions, realistic or otherwise, of possible career changes for me. I realize that I'm three rungs up on the ever-growing corporate ladder of a company that I'm sure loves me, and you're all screaming, "MIB! Wait! A mid-level career in telecom is what I thought you've always dreamed of. How could you walk away from such a silver platter?"

You've got until Monday. Whatever suggestion garners the most votes, I will apply for a postition in that field.

Thanks for the help and Godspeed.


What about a hospitality guy at the casinos? You know, one of those guys that makes sure rich guys are happy. You'd be great at that.

Other suggestions: gym teacher, personal banker, clergy. Okay, probably not the last one.
Mortician. Hands down, #1.

Who wouldn't want to see MIB on their darkest day of mourning? Also would be a great way for Rick to network to meet new chicks, ala Will Ferrell on Wedding Crashers.
I say eating disorder counselor. Those chicks are vulnerable and they don't have a gag reflex. Or you could just become a high school history teacher.
Just in case we were not sure...the deuce is going to go straight to hell upon his trip to the mortician.
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