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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great Job Replying to Emails Gang

Last week I sent out an email wanting to know who would be interested in a no holds bar North Platte trip. Something that would include plenty of cocktails and no real agenda. I received one response (Thank you GA) and number of inquires via Pete. It sounds as if Oct 5-7 may be our best opportunity (NU at Missouri and possibly televised.) Is anyone interested in that weekend, and I can start working on the hotel rooms.

I'm not completely sure of my schedule for this semester, but mark me down for a probably. Its been a while since I've seen the old stomping grounds.
I feel as though this is a great idea. The Mizzou game is a perfect weekend to spend in the Planet.
I'm a tentative yes for this.
Start calling ahead now for weekend seating at Ruby Tuesdays fellas. Are any Heavysoul-ers attending the Colorado game this year? Pete, I'm looking your way, et al.
I am most likely going to be there. I would ask for tickets, but...
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