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Friday, July 06, 2007

How very UnCub-like of them

11 out of their last 13? Where the hell did that come from? Congrats to the die hard Cub fans on this blog that have just endured one of the greatest stretches in recent Cub history. I think they catch the Brewers in the second half.....which leads me to my mid season predictions.

East-Mets win it....Braves just don't have the starting pitching to make this run and Schuerholz doesn't have any money to spend to go get some.
Central-Cubs....not so much as i see the cubs winning it as i just don't see the Brewer bats staying this hot all season. Zambrano seems to have found his ways again and i expect him to donimate the 2nd half.
West-Dodgers...I love their lineup and their starting pitching
Wild Card-i'll go homer and say the Bravos figure out a way to get it done

East-nobody is catching the Sox
Central-I think the Twins find a way to pull this one out
West-Angels, might be the best team in basball right now and will build a big lead and hold off the 2nd half miracle A's (don't they make a run every damn year?)
Wild Card-I'll go with the Indians

NL Champs-Dodgers
AL Champs-Red Sox

WS Champ-Rox in 7



I'm with you on the Dodgers in the NL West completely. I'm sold on them. I also like the Braves to catch the Mets, the Phillies could make that one interesting as well. I think the Wild Card will be Mets/Braves, or vice versa. Don't count out the Padres. Great starting pitching. They would definitely win the NL Central.

I think the NL Central will be decided on the last day. Flip a coin. I'll take the Cubs unless Milwaukee can keep hitting.

I disagree that the Twins will make a run. Take away Santana and their starting pitching is inconsistent and isn't getting it done. Excellent bullpen though.

I can't believe you overlooked the Tigers. I like them to win that division fairly easily, 6 or 8 games. The Indians get the Wild Card.

AL West, who knows? The Mariners are probably done, so it's just a question of whether the A's can catch up. I tend to agree that they can't.

And yeah, the BoSox.

I will take them over LA in the World Series in 6.
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