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Monday, July 09, 2007

Indefensible Headline

This is taken straight from the cover of the new Esquire Magazine, which features yours and my favorite socialist, John Edwards:

"Can A White Man Still Be Elected President? If So, John Edwards Will Have To Battle Image, Cancer, & The Forces Of History"

I mean, honestly, I was completely speechless. At first. Then I remembered something, something that really doesn't make sense about this headline:

There have been a few white presidents. It's not like a white guy has no chance at winning again. But they're probably right; I still say that the smart money is on Bill Richardson.

Oh, and his whole image problem is pretty self-created: if you want to talk about the gap of wealth and the disease of poverty...maybe he should take just some of that $400 he spends on haircuts and send it on over to The Poverty Fund.

In all honesty, how does Esquire get political figures on the covers of their magazine anymore? I mean, I understand they are on a hot streak with Kerry, Rummy, Clinton (B.), Mel Gibson, Brittney, Donald Trump, John McCain, etc., but I still just don't get it...

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By the way, yes, I understand Brittney is not a political figure. My bad. I also understand Mel Gibson is not, either, although you could argue that a bit, too.

Point was that Esqurie has had some shit choices of people to grace their covers the past couple of years...
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