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Monday, July 30, 2007

Say Hello to my High School Friends

So one of the guys that graduated with me from Mt. Michael is an actor in one of the "On the Lot" films on the Website. His brother has also been playing Bucky Dent in "The Bronx is Burning." Go to www.thelot.com/contestants/, click on Contestant 51, and then Surf and Turf. My buddy is the bored guy with the shot glasses and snow globes. The character he plays is the exact opposite of how he is in real life (I would compare him to a less articulate Tucker Max). The short film is pretty good and I guess they're coming out with another one tomorrow.

-P.S. Thanks to everybody who came to our going away/engagement party on Saturday. Kourt and I had a blast.

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So you got engaged on Saturday, then?

ATTN: Pete (and pals)

If you or any of your Heavy Soul brethren are interested, Doc Lipschultz at the U has 5 seats for the Cubs/Phils available. 3rd base side, 4th row.

Doc Ogden mentioned it in class last night. If interested, contact Lipschultz.
Forgot to mention, I don't know which game or if this is the whole series.

Call Lipschultz to find out.
So one could assume by your nonchalant under the radar comment that you are engaged? If that is the case, congrats to you both!
Yeah, Kourt and I got engaged on Saturday night. I figured it was time, but now I realize the headache that comes along with engagement. Still, the wedding should be fun.
Holy LOL...if you think it is a "headache" right now, just wait until about 2 months before the wedding.

Oh, Young Deuce...the things you'll learn.
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