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Thursday, August 09, 2007

He Makes it Rain on them Hoes

The Dante Hall of Pee Wee.

10 players fall down attempting to tackle him during his second return before they finally corral him. wow
Good god, what kind of offense is that team running? It's like some kind of WR-less flexbone with a lot of motion.

It's fun to imagine a Pee Wee-coaching Dave Wannstedt trying to diagram a defense that could stop that attack. Actually, this is fun with any offense.

Needless to say, Air Force needs to start using this playbook just to make it part of NCAA 2009.
This kid would fit right in with Air Force: he's white, undersized, and, fast forward or not, has the breakaway speed necessary for the wishbone.

(Some nice pancakes as well on there)
One more thing: Please tell me this kid plays for Jefferson-Cody or at least somewhere in 69101.
Hands down the coolest thing I have seen all week.

The background music is hilarious. Does anyone else think of Pacman Jones when the chorus goes "I make it rain on them hoes"?
two things:

1. that kid has amazing ball skills. he always has the rock in his outside hand, and always covers with two when he's in traffic. well coached at a young age.

2. his offensive line and fullback really make it rain on them hoes. he's always to the 2nd level before contact. granted, the hole doesn't have to be there long, but it almost always is.
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