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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hello from Coralville

Kourtney and I finally got cable/internet today. You just have no idea how much you depend on the internet until you go two weeks without it. So just a little update to those who haven't heard yet: we thought we were moving to a college town, but turns out we moved back to the 1950's. The apartment complex we live in requires the women to be barefoot and pregnant. They're also all mormons, which also means they're insufferably nice. Kourt and I can't have a cigarette without some kid running around the corner and staring at us as if we were mainlining black-tar heroine and committing sodomy on the kid's grandfather. I'll be seeing you guys quite often if I get my way and visits will be greatly appreciated by us (if not by the neighbors).

P.S. I also have to do a ropes course for the MHA/MBA orientation process. Wish my fat ass luck tight rope walking.

Todd-e-o, i will be in touch for a visit...will be taking a work trip in Sept. there and will stay at least one night in your neck of the woods. Probably going to be the week before the USC game, you can imagine how nervous i am going to be acting that week, so find a scotch bar.
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