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Monday, August 27, 2007

I can't believe the NY Times is on this


Here are my thoughts:

1. If Danny Woodhead is indeed an NFL draft pick, which I believe he is if that 4.43 is legit, then Scott Downing is an idiot for not recruiting him. That is simply the fact; there is absolutely no way that the Solich administration in 2003 did not need to recruit an instate running back with NFL-caliber talent. And he sounds angry about the fact that he gets asked about this all the time, but honestly out of all the mediocre instate guys he recruited (Andy Birkel comes to mind) it just has me aghast. This might not even be the most ridiculous recruiting gaffe of the Solich regime.

2. It's not just Nebraska. CSU, Wyoming, and Colorado, among others who always recruit outstate Nebraska players, inexplicably did not offer him either, which, given their current talent, is absurd.

3. I'm not saying Danny Woodhead would win the Heisman or anything, but to think that no D1 school could use a guy like this is ludicrous. The guy has, as Chuck Klosterman says, "the most important talent in football: the ability to not be tackled while carrying the football."

4. Danny Woodhead will make an NFL roster. I will bet anyone otherwise.

5. Thanks to the NY Times for coming out west and really kicking out a solid article. Small town cliches (fur trading museum?) expected and vomit induced, but excused for the greater good of the W Neb love.

6. Danny Woodhead ran for 290 yards and scored 4 TD's in Chadron's first game of the year.

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I'm glad I checked the posts before I started typing away, because I was ready to fire off a very similar post.

First of all, congrats to Danny. The New York Times! Good God, that is awesome.

Second of all, Scott Downing can absolutely go fuck himself, specifically for this comment:

“Could he be productive in the Big 12? I don’t know,” Downing said. “You’re talking about a young man that’s four years later playing at Chadron State, and he hasn’t played against Texas the last time I checked.”

I hope Chadron--and specifically Danny--beat the ever-living shit out of Northern Colorado this year. I mean, I hope it is such a brutal beating, Downing will feel like his punter just got stabbed.

(Too soon?)

And you're right that he sounds angry, and I guess I would get annoyed if someone brought up my biggest fuck up all the time. But fuck him! Jumpin' Jahova, how many kids do you get to recruit in-state a year? Legitimately? 5? 10? And you let a kid like this go, and offer him a half-assed walk on spot? It's the same thing with Jack O'Holleran--they totally pegged them both as "Western Nebraska white guys," as opposed to what they really were--guys that ran circles around every team they played, whether it was Scottsbluff of Millard North.

Lately I have been second-guessing my opinion on Frank Solich. I've kind of been wondering to myself "maybe he should have been given more time."

Not anymore. And Callahan certainly missed out on him, but I do give him a pass only because he didn't know shit about Nebraska high school football. But Solich, and ESPECIALLY Downing, can piss off for treating Danny like he was some Western Nebraska pity case.

God, that is infuriating.

Also, if he gets taken by the Bears, I will legitimately freak out. God, that would be awesome.
Did anyone read the Omaha World Herald article about this last Sunday? I did as I was warding off another 3 day weekend bender in Nebraska. There was a 2-line blurb about him amassing those 290 yards while not feeling well and vomiting at least 10 times. There was unbelievably no other mention of the illness that caused this, but It really puzzled me.

Does anyone have a clue what to attribute this to?

Aside from that, this is just an amazing story. Is there anywhere online where I can watch all of his rushing yards?
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