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Monday, September 24, 2007

Don't count your chickens...

So with the way Chicago is talking (people on the street, on the bus, in the newspapers, in the doctors office I was at today etc.) you would have thought the Cubs clinched their division won the NLCS and were favored to win the World Series this year. People are buying playoff tickets, talking about who they are going to face, planning NLDS parties. Now don't get me wrong 3.5 games is a big lead this time of year, but if Mil. wins tonight it is only 3 games with six still to play. The cubs are away for those six where there record is just above .500. The brewers are at home where they have a 47-27 record. With the history of the cubs, how can anyone be saying that they are a lock for the playoffs. Especially the way this season has gone where seamingly no one wants to win the central division. You would think that this city and its suddenly 2.7 million more cubs fans would learn and not get too excited too early. I will believe the cubs are in the playoffs when it is a mathematical certainty.

Whaaaaa! The White Sox suck this year! Whaaaaa!

(Just playing with you, dogg.)
Don't look now buddy-boy but Milwaukie has outscored st louis 22-6 over then last two games and with the cubs loss have closed the gap back to only 2 games.

I think I may have just heard a goat bah.
Christ, I hope they can outscore St. Louis 22-6. St. Louis is arguably the worst team in baseball at this point.

The good news is that after tonight, the Brew Crew has four with the Padres, who are just two back in their division and have a 1 game lead in the Wild Card. This will be no walk in the park, my friend. The Cubs have the Reds, which one would think would be easy, but never is for the Cubs.

So I am not feeling real comfy here, but I for GOT DAMN SURE did not hear any fucking goat!

You gotta believe!
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